Who is Bucky Barnes?

Bucky Barnes Who is your real name?

Winter Soldier is the superhero of the American Marvel Comics, whose real name is James Buchanan Barnes, the most intimate friend and most reliable supporter for the US captain in World War II.

He was murdered by the secret service of the Soviet Union and then resurrected following brainwashing. Later, he resumed his memory during multiple competitions with the Avengers and was then invited by the Captain America to join the Avengers.

After receiving instruction by Captain America, Bucky Barnes was a master at Hand-to-hand combat, and a martial art expert, and skilled in shooting grenades and guns, and occasionally Fei Dao My Dress-Up Darling Costume He was once a talented boy scout.

Barnes was physically restored prior to being transformed into the Winter Soldier by the Hydra. The Hydra transformed Barnes the Winter Soldier after he fell off the cliff.

Barnes continued his training to become a Soviet spy after becoming the Winter Soldier. Barnes is also fluent in numerous languages, such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Latin and Japanese He also can be able to comprehend French.

He has been frozen and then thawed multiple times prior to and following the completion of his mission as the Winter Soldier Cosplay Halloween Costumes This makes him almost impossible to age. After being injured by the toxin of the Madame Hydra the Winter Soldier was inoculated with the Infinite Formula. The medicine in the serum must be taken for a long period. The patient should not stop taking the medicine suddenly as his body will age quickly. This medicine is used by Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan and other SHIELD agents.

The Winter Soldier’s robotic left arm was capable of giving him superhuman strength and speed of reaction. It could also disengage the arm in the event that Bucky was not within reach. The Winter Soldier can also control the arm from the distance. The arm can be programmed so that it completes the task automatically. Bucky can control it from a distance after it has left his body.

However, the robotic arm also emits electromagnetic radiation which could disrupt the device. Iron Man cannot use this electromagnetic wave.

The mechatronic arms are able to shield the metal detector. Any device that can’t detect the arm’s metal reaction isn’t able to detect it. It is also able to emit an holographic image to disguise the arm in an actual fleshy arm.

Bucky, the second generation Captain America Steve, has the shield. The uniform he wears for combat includes a shock absorber.

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