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Kylo Ren (originally Ben Solo) is the fictional villain of Star Wars. The story depicts Ban Solo as the son of Princess Leia Organa, Alderaan, and Han Solo. He has a powerful Force. He was trained by his uncle as Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, and then fell to the dark side of the Force in search of becoming just as powerful as his grandpa, Darth Vader Womens Cosplay Costumes

A year following the Battle of the Endor, the announcement of the demise of the Emperor of the Galaxy Empire, Palpatine and his executor Darth Vader, Leia and Han Solo had a son named Ban Solo, he was named in honor of Ben Kenobi, who was the original name of the former Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ban Solo lives in a family like this the father Han Solo, despite his marriage, still does not wish to remain in one place, but often gets out and about with his mom. Leia is a well-known New Republic Councillor. The differences in nature between Han Solo and Leia resulted in tension and conflict in their marriage. Because he was confused and lost because of family issues, he was tempted and to betray Luke by Snooker. He also prevented Luke to alter the character of Jedi The Legend Of Zelda Cosplay Costume He also delves into the dark side. Thirty years after his participation in the Battle of Endor he was already a member of Dark Side – Knight of Ren and was a corresponding persona of the First Order. He dropped the name “Ban Solo” and changed it to “Kylo Ren”. With the intention of eliminating resistance as well as the Jedi, he played for Snooker. He’s not an actual Sith Lord However, he’s fascinated by his grandfather Darth Vader.

The reaction of the public to “The Force awakens” was mixed. A majority of people liked the internal conflict and self-contradictions created by Kylo Ren, yet they are of the opinion that Adam Trevor has successfully played the complicated character. They expressed their excitement for the corner and expressed a great excitement. Many felt disappointed with Kylo Ren’s fragility as a character and felt that his performance when the helmet was removed wasn’t as dramatic. But, Kylo Ren has a lot of fans.

Halloween: Costumes for Kylo Ren

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