Black Bullet Cosplay Guide

Black Bullet Cosplay Guide

2020 was the year that humans lost the battle against the parasite “intestinal animals”. They were driven to fear, despair, and even theft.

In such a closed universe of darkness a teenager living in Tokyo Rentaro Satom one of the members of “individual police”, is an expert on antigenic gut animals , and is involved in crisis work. His partner is a little sweet little girl, Enju Aihara Thor Cosplay Costume

The government issued an order to two men with special skills in fighting. It was confidential and was designed to protect Tokyo safe.

The near future will be the venue for action heroes, full of trembles!

Do you enjoy this comic? Are you a fan of their clothes? Do you have a desire to play them? Let’s take a look at the characters.

Rentaro Satomi:

Rentaro was who is a Magata High School second-year student and a Promoter of Tendo Civil Security, is the protagonist. Ten years ago, Rentaro lost his parents in the battle against Gastrea. He was adopted by the Tendo Family, but he left the family with Kisara The Incredibles Costume Rentaro was left with a broken leg along with his right arm and left eye in a war against Gastrea to defend Kisara which was subsequently saved by Doc’s “New Human Creation Plan” which rebuilt his legs with Varanium. Rentaro is one of the few who empathizes with children cursed because of his kindness and sincerity. He’ll go to every extent to assist them. Many people who are cursed are drawn to him due to this attribute. At the start of the story, he is an amateur in the Tendo-style martial art.

Enju Aihara:

Rentaro’s Model Rabbit initiation in Tendo Civil Security, Enju is a Cursed Child. She lives with Rentaro. Enju is in primary school as normal up until her Cursed Child status was discovered in the Kagetane Hiruko incident. Enju faced trust issues when she was first introduced to the International Initiator Supervising Organization. (IISO). She eventually became infatuated and in love with Rentaro despite being only one year old. She’s a fan of the Tenchuu Girls anime.

Kisara Tendo:

Kisara is the chief of Tendo Civil Security. She was born in Tendo and quit her family in the following of a conflict. Rentaro, her childhood best friend was also a part of the Tendo family. Kisara’s kidneys don’t function properly because of the agony of watching her parents’ bodies being sucked up by Gastrea. In the belief that her parents’ deaths were connected to the Tendo family, she swore to take revenge and has been searching for the culprits. She is an expert in Tendo martial arts but cannot engage in long bouts of time because of her physical condition. Kisara is in love with Rentaro and they have shown a mutual attraction. However, their efforts to communicate their feelings towards one another are frequently thwarted by Enju. However Kisara’s obsession with taking revenge on the Tendo family is a cause of worry for Rentaro and he is worried that this could eventually lead to them parting ways.

Tina Sprou

Tina is a result of Ayn Rand’s mechanized soldiers , as well as his Model Owl Initiator. Tina was given directions by Ayn to assassinate Seitenshi However, she was stopped by Enju’s intervention. Rentaro defeated her. Seitenshi gave her extra care and even ordered her to remain under surveillance. She was later employed by Tendo Civil Security, when she was let go. Then, she joins a couple with Kisara and is captivated by Rentaro as did Enju.

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