Are you familiar with Nebula?

Are you familiar with Nebula?

Nebula is an anti-hero of American Marvel Comics. She is an interstellar pirate, merchant. Her personal life and prior encounters are not well-known. She was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the battle against Thanos Ant-Man Costume

Nebula an interstellar pirate, once devastated the planet of Nova Corps – Sandal Star.

Nebula is an incredible powerhouse and can lift up to 800 pounds (25-25 tons) of heavy objects. The muscle she uses is stronger than the human body, giving her an advantage over common people. She is skilled in the field of military strategy, space warfare in leadership, navigation, Astronomy, and leadership. She is also a skilled combatant and is able to use a variety of methods of combat. While Nebula is Thanoshis adopted daughter, she was also created to catch Thanos Batman Cosplay Costume

She is Thanos’ nominal foster daughter and she is a Luphomoid in The Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). The film also made an claim of Ronan who was able to acquire infinite gems to take down Xandar. She then fought Gamora and was defeated. Gamora tried to save Nebula but Nebula refused and cut her hand.

In the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy 2” The Guardians have rescued the tribe Nebula who was seized by the Supreme for attempting to take their batteries. Rocket Raccoon was and Groot were the ones responsible for Nebula’s arrest after the spacecraft crashed into a nearby star. Others Guardians went with Ego to the planet of Ego.

After her release after her release, she assisted the predators who resisted Yondu and eventually resulted in the capture of Yondu, Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Nebula was able to convince three predators to release her as they had a bounty. Nebula wanted a 10% part. Then, she used one of the predator’s ships to locate Gamora since the torture and part of her physical transformation from Thanos was caused by the Gamora’s relentless beating of her. at that time they were child.

The Ego’s world was her first stop and tried to eliminate Gamora however, after she had beat her sister Gamora in battle, everything ended.

Gamora’s desire was slowed down and they found a cave with the skeletons of a number of children from Ego. This led to an unstable alliance between the two sides.

To defend the universe against Ego’s plots to take over the universe, she joined the fight between Ego and the Guardians. While fighting she helped save Gamora, and the two have reconciled their respective traumas. Gamora suggested she remain with the Guardians. But, Nebula decided to go on her own to defeat Thanos.

In the 2018 film “The Avengers 3: Infinite War”, Nebula attempted to assassinate Thanos but failed. She was sent to the spaceship and then tortured. Gamora will tell Thanos where the treasures are to rescue Nebula.

Later, Nebula managed escape and informed the Guardians of the Galaxy about Titan. The Guardians of the Galaxy were defeated by the Titan. After Thanos was slamming his finger, she was able to survive and attempted to comfort the grieving Iron Man.

The film of 2019 “The Avengers 4 The Final Battle” shows the fact that Iron Man and Sheldon Cooper were starving on their way to Earth. Captain Marvel saved them. Captain Marvel saved them by seizing her and making her appear as she did in the 2014 timeline. The woman was on the hunt for the infinity of gems and then committed suicide. She later joined the Avengers and fought against Thanos. She was also part of Iron Man’s funeral.

Cosplay of Nebula

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