Tag Heuer Link WJF211C.BA0570

For the Tag Heuer Link WJF211C.BA0570, its 39mm watch case made with pure stainless steel materials is carrying with the Tag Heuer Link specific s-shaped link chain. Silver bar-shape time scale shows more clearly on the brown dial, the small second hand dial brings a unique sense of rhyme to this Link watch, the calendar window under the small dial uses the white background and black words display, and the watch dial is contracted but not simple.

Tag heuer Calibre 6 homemade automatic mechanical movement provides constant power for WJF211C.BA0570, 44 hours of dynamic storage function is enough to satisfy ordinary people’s living habits, and the date display window of the small second hand dial as one is very practical. Using the Link characteristic s-shaped Link chain, whose lines is smooth, and it is much more light and thin when compared with the old version of s-shaped watch chain, so as to this Tag Heuer watch’s overall feel is more modern and contracted, and show the distinctive glamour of the tag heuer, interpret the elegance that lasts and never dies. Have the Tag Heuer Link WJF211C.BA0570 with simple and easy beauty and the wearer will have more masculinity.

As the timing tool and accessory wearing on wrist, the Tag Heuer Link WJF211C.BA0570 is hard to avoid contacting with water or you may forget to take it off when taking shower, or your watch will enter water when you are caught in the rain or accidentally fell into the water. WWW.ASWISSWATCHES.COM Even though this tag Heuer Link watch has great waterproof performance, it will contain many water mist inside, which will influence our reading time or rust parts so as to affect the service life of the watch. Therefore, you need to take good care of the Tag Heuer Link WJF211C.BA0570 for your daily wear.

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