Suggestions on Swiss Replica Watches – Rolex and Tag Heuer Replicas

Rolex as a leader brand in the luxury watch, in the past a century is a symbol of excellence in quality and reputation. After stopping production for years, Rolex redefine this series by breaking the gentle side and returns us in a more simple way, particularly return to the origin as a chronograph. We have 3 Cellini this year, two dials and cases made of two different materials, much more choices than the last year which only 6 types. The new Cellini have Rayon flamm¨¦ de la gloire on the dial as ornamentation to replace the old sum-radiation pattern and it has all excellent features that sum-radiation has and makes dial look more dimensional.

Another important feature on the new Cellini is the arc bezel with indent pattern, which conveys the message that Cellini shares the same DNA with other Rolex watches while at the same time, keeps its own uniqueness. Being different from the traditional crown, Cellini has a new crown which is like an onion but gives a perfect physical experience.

Comparing to the normal chronograph watches, TAG Heuer Carrera is a great choice for most of the Swiss branded watches, and the TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 watch has a titanium case that is anti-scratching and light. In addition, an enhanced belt will reduce the burden causing by the activities in the race. Nothing, except above features, is different from the normal watches. It feels light really, and the heavy case do not make us feel pressed, but feels light. The alligator belt is soft and gives us a unique experience with that special buckle. The movement provide a fine performance and easy to do on it, and your finger would not fatigued with it after many times operation on the crown. This is impossible for other movements.

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