Combination of Arts and Technology-Breguet Classique 3755 Skeleton Tourbillon

Breguet Classique 3755 Skeleton Tourbillon is art work that took long time to design and produce it. The shapes, polishing and engraving on its components are completely different from others and shapes its own style, thus making a beautiful complication and mysterious chronograph with graceful lines. Complication functions, like tourbillon and perpetual calendar makes it perfect.

Skeleton skill derives from engraving in 18th century. After a period of prosperity, it disappeared fro a long time and then suddenly it gained its popularity in 1930. Judging from modern people, I can hardly imagine how it gradually disappeared. Is it because it is too complicated, and no one can master it? That could not make sense because someone master it in 1930th. I am not sure. But this skill is really and truly complicated. It requires experienced technicians to cut off the extra part on the watch and what left should just be perfect. So the whole watch test the team work and one a mistake is made on the on process, then technicians could not go further with it. With CAD, this job comes a little bit easier, but computer alone could not make a skeleton watch. we could find in the market that different skeleton watch has different prices, as skeleton skill is not an decoration, it is also an art. Breguet sticks to the authentic skeleton skills, and sticks to the manual engraving.

We could see a lot of high-end watches have beautiful skeleton watches, and some of them even sacrifice some performance just in order to have a good skeleton, so it is quite rare that a skeleton complication is invented. At lease I think it is rare. But the Breguet Classique 3755 Skeleton Tourbillon successfully made it, which combines the arts and the technology and the excellent workmanship as a whole to show its uniqueness.

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