Precise Timer Indicator-IWC Portuguese IW 544404

Precision is the basic element that people ask for a watch, and designers, in order to improve the precision, always choose to improvise the inner structure and improve the precision of components to reduce the influence that exert on watches. But, the basis of precision is set on the standards. In the early days, people would set a big clock as the standard time. And the most important thing is to separate second hand, minute hand and hour hands for the convenience of calibrating the watch history, Thanks to the Gerd-Rediger Lang, the regular hands return to the watch industry. Many brands see the possibility of the standard hands and then rolled out a lot of watches with regulator. Among which, IWC joins the trend.

IWC Portuguese IW544404 is a rare one that has regulator. Is has white gold version and rose fold version. Portuguese series is a big-size precise watch that is designed for navigation. With regulator, more charms would be released on it. IWC Portuguese IW544404 has a 43.1 mm of bezel and the small size bezel and release more space for the bezel to combine other designs and ornamentations. The white gold and bezel has typical three hands and the arc bezel is processed with polishing so that it touches smoothly. The side profile is processed with dull polish. The button of the case is made of sapphire mirror so that everything inside the watch is visible to you.

What needs to mention is the time indexes which is not the pressure-printing ones but a cube golden Arabic number, thus to improve the recognition of time. As a matter of fact, other brands rarely have such a design and IWC can follow the trend. But it didn’t and laid emphasis on details and then produced a more tasteful dial.

Swiss Replica Watches – For the Gentleman & Lady on a Shoe String

So you are on a shoe string budget and owning fine watches is clearly not within your reach (at least for now). Let’s face it – most people have a lot admiration for men and women who wear genuine luxury watches; sadly, not everyone can afford to buy one. Because luxury watches cost a lot of money, some people acquire these expensive Swiss watches on credit and pay-off their credit after a couple of months (or years). If you are presently on a shoe string budget and as a true gentleman or lady, you do not want to appear in public or an important event spotting a tacky looking watch, then you need to consider buying Swiss replica watches.

Replica wrist watches are known to be extremely trendy, chic and they can really embody your personal taste and style. These watches are very affordable and they come in different brands, shapes, sizes, and styles.

These watches are not just great for your personal use but also make great gift items too. These replica wrist watches come in different designs, colors, shapes and most of all, they are very affordable for those gentlemen or ladies on a shoe string. Instead of owning just one authentic luxury watch, with replica wristwatches you get to buy as many brands of luxury models as much as you can afford. This will be good for your wardrobe because you get to wear different styles of clothing and have a watch to go with every outfit in your closet.

Although most people hate to hear the word “cheap”, but there are lots of “cheap” Swiss replica watches for men and women that do not look “at all” cheap. For gentlemen and ladies on a very tight budget, the internet boasts of many online stores that offer top quality inexpensive watches that are also designed to last and give you value for your money.

A good watch should be a must-have accessory for anyone who has a J-O-B! Luxury watches are great assets but if you cannot afford to buy one, you should consider buying and wearing inexpensive wrist watches until you can at least afford to buy one in the future.

Every gentleman and lady deserves fine watches but if he or she cannot afford one, there are lots of replica luxury watches available online. Ensure that you purchase Swiss replica watches from reputable online suppliers.

Audemars Piguet Women – I am the Special Part One

Audemars Piguet women are perceptual and rational driver. Defiant, intelligent and attractive, independent assertiveness and confidence breakthrough… Their personality and specialness probably need a person, a story of interpretation can be tasted and appreciated in detail.

Control the routine and get special alone

The Swiss senior watchmaker Audemars Piguet praises independent self-confident and special women who have the courage to handle in life. Since the brand was founded in 1875, Audemars Piguet insists on making the ladies’ watches that break the routine for them. After the abundant accumulation for more than 130 years, Audemars Piguet fused the excellent workmanship and the special design aesthetics together, aiming at showing Audemars Piguet female lifestyle and unique watches in the heart of the inner world.

The Audemars Piguet Millenary Collection branded new lady watch is specially designed for the modern ladies after researching and manufacturing for three years, and it cleverly combines the senior watch and the senior jewelry art. And it is carrying with the branded new Audemars Piguet Calibre 5201 manual winding homemade movement.

Audemars Piguet Women – Anouck Lep¨¨re

From the gifted student in the department of architecture to the super model in fashion area, Anouck Lep¨¨re with her haggard and elegant and unique style shows her unique charm under the flash bulb to be the bright star of fashion. Being Avant-garde and independent, she bear the heroine of the Audemars Piguet ladies watch new advertising video, together with the millennium series lady wrist watch on her wrist releases the unruly charm, and portrays the Audemars Piguet women’s independence and unruly personality in details.

Audemars Piguet Women – Michele Monique Reis

Being the Collection of beauty and wisdom, Michele Monique Reis uses the wisdom to control her life and explains the Audemars Piguet women extraordinary wisdom and charm. In addition to the perfect appearance, she is full of wisdom: proficient in many languages, keen on painting, art, business and finance. More importantly, her inner life philosophy is leading her to master her own life. She is perfectly interpreting the pursuit of the Audemars Piguet millennium series ladies watch on keeping perfect.

Combination of Arts and Technology-Breguet Classique 3755 Skeleton Tourbillon

Breguet Classique 3755 Skeleton Tourbillon is art work that took long time to design and produce it. The shapes, polishing and engraving on its components are completely different from others and shapes its own style, thus making a beautiful complication and mysterious chronograph with graceful lines. Complication functions, like tourbillon and perpetual calendar makes it perfect.

Skeleton skill derives from engraving in 18th century. After a period of prosperity, it disappeared fro a long time and then suddenly it gained its popularity in 1930. Judging from modern people, I can hardly imagine how it gradually disappeared. Is it because it is too complicated, and no one can master it? That could not make sense because someone master it in 1930th. I am not sure. But this skill is really and truly complicated. It requires experienced technicians to cut off the extra part on the watch and what left should just be perfect. So the whole watch test the team work and one a mistake is made on the on process, then technicians could not go further with it. With CAD, this job comes a little bit easier, but computer alone could not make a skeleton watch. we could find in the market that different skeleton watch has different prices, as skeleton skill is not an decoration, it is also an art. Breguet sticks to the authentic skeleton skills, and sticks to the manual engraving.

We could see a lot of high-end watches have beautiful skeleton watches, and some of them even sacrifice some performance just in order to have a good skeleton, so it is quite rare that a skeleton complication is invented. At lease I think it is rare. But the Breguet Classique 3755 Skeleton Tourbillon successfully made it, which combines the arts and the technology and the excellent workmanship as a whole to show its uniqueness.

Suggestions on Swiss Replica Watches – Rolex and Tag Heuer Replicas

Rolex as a leader brand in the luxury watch, in the past a century is a symbol of excellence in quality and reputation. After stopping production for years, Rolex redefine this series by breaking the gentle side and returns us in a more simple way, particularly return to the origin as a chronograph. We have 3 Cellini this year, two dials and cases made of two different materials, much more choices than the last year which only 6 types. The new Cellini have Rayon flamm¨¦ de la gloire on the dial as ornamentation to replace the old sum-radiation pattern and it has all excellent features that sum-radiation has and makes dial look more dimensional.

Another important feature on the new Cellini is the arc bezel with indent pattern, which conveys the message that Cellini shares the same DNA with other Rolex watches while at the same time, keeps its own uniqueness. Being different from the traditional crown, Cellini has a new crown which is like an onion but gives a perfect physical experience.

Comparing to the normal chronograph watches, TAG Heuer Carrera is a great choice for most of the Swiss branded watches, and the TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 watch has a titanium case that is anti-scratching and light. In addition, an enhanced belt will reduce the burden causing by the activities in the race. Nothing, except above features, is different from the normal watches. It feels light really, and the heavy case do not make us feel pressed, but feels light. The alligator belt is soft and gives us a unique experience with that special buckle. The movement provide a fine performance and easy to do on it, and your finger would not fatigued with it after many times operation on the crown. This is impossible for other movements.

How to Choose Replica Panerai Watches?

Since 1930, Panerai adopted two-layer dial structure and put luminous materials in the middle to enemata lights through the skeleton hands. Such design makes the reading more brighter, particularly in a dark situation. The dial is placed beyond the sphere mineral glass, to magnify it and every small detail will be fully presented before you, including that Radiomir Panerai and 8 Days, words that are branded on.

Since 1993, Panerai launched three limited editions to public: Luminor, Luminor Marina and Mare Nostrum. Designers from Panerai were inspired by the military watches that were invented in the World War Two, and become cult items among collectors. After 1999, Panerai will launched several limited editions every year, and every one of them is classic of classic. Today, we have a Panerai Radiomir 1940 8Days Dual Time editions that was launched in 2013 W&W and the official number is PAM00503.

For Panerai, it does not have so much complication watches, and most of them are just for daily use, but that doesn’t mean that Panerai has no complication watches. It is only because it inherits history that it has less interest in building complication watches. This 150 limited edition watches are quite rare, as it has complication, precious case, and skeleton home-made movement.

Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic has a original leather belt and an rubber strap as alternative choice. The buckle is made of titanium which is lighter than other metal, solid, and will cause no allergy. With the black coat on it, the whole watch looks more harmonious. In the water-resistance, Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic has 3 barometers , which is waterproof to 100 meters. The new Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days Chrono Flyback Automatic is equipped with a P.9100 automatic winding-up movement, and has a black ceramic case.

Monster of Alloy-Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Series

Without any doubt, the most attractive watches in the Watch Fair 2013 is the Hublot MP-05 watches as the fifth member of Masterpiece. Once again, it sent challenges to the high-advanced mechanical watches. Luckily, we live in a world full of choices and watches designers are try their best to break tons of limits. And now let’s have a look at the difference that MP-05 holds from others.

It has to be mentioned that it inherited the exaggerated style that appeared in former series and adopted a less-standard wine bucket to hold the skeleton movement. What’s more, the original idea was made to pay tribute to the Ferrari limited sport cars “LaFerrari”. The appearance alonge makes us remind of the streamline look of Laferrari.

The whole case was covered with PVD material and the bracelet was made of rubber with clasps made of same material. The whole dial can be divided into two parts: the left part can be applied to display the rest of power and the left is applied to show time. The black and red color come from the typical match of Ferrari. Number on the column has luminous coat so that you can read time even under a dark environment.

When speaking of the functions, we have to mention its 50 days power reserve that breaks the original record of 31 days, the top in the world. This long power reserve is made of 11 barrels in series. Under the watch there lies a flying tourbillon with a big size of 14.55 mm. to make such a big size do not mean to keep a complication function, but to achieve such a big size must requires top techniques.

MP-05 has a delicate appearance and was launched a limited number of 50. Although it is not a complication, it indeed took the lead in the industry. What’s more, long power reserve is also one factor that tests a watch-maker’s techniques. Therefore, 5o days of power reserve fully reflects how great achievement Hublot has achieve in the movement.

Rolex Launches the SKY-DWELLER to Continue to write the Wonderful legend of Oyster Series Watch

SKY – DWELLER attached with 14 patents skills (among which five are new patents), with a new method for the world tourism people to provide the required information, let them master time easily in the distance. This wristwatch function covers a double time zone, namely the dial center pointer indicates local time, in addition, it also is equipped with a 24 hours dial to show the time of the referred time zone; Also this new Sky Dweller watch comes with an innovative calendar device, which is called the SAROS, and it is inspired by an astronomical signs, you just need to set up the calendar in February and March each year. And around the watch dial it is more equipped with 12 small window, to present month.

SKY – DWELLER is the masterpiece of the art and the production of rolex profound skills, manipulation is easy and convenient to read the time. Between the movement and Wrist watch case it is equipped with a new RING COMMAND rotating outer RING, the target is to set up the local time, reference time and calendar display fast, and you just only need to rotate the outer RING that you can choose to calibration function, then through the chain crown to have the two-way adjustment quickly on the coherent effect and the crown is only a modulation position.

Rolex by launching SKY – DWELLER watch once again shows the sophisticated technology to all the people in the world, and it can plan and make a lofty wrist watch, to write the wonderful legends of the Rolex oyster type series watches. Oyster perpetual SKY – DWELLER is equipped with dual time zone Saros performance which is easy to read and easy to manipulate. This strange visual representations results of the performance methods gives this wrist watch unique style and aesthetic feeling.

Suggestions on the Watches with Simple Design

High-profile luxury watch naturally is favorite by a large number of watches fans, which is the best choice to reveal personality of people. But in some cases, a low-key wrist watch more can highlight a person’s taste. Today we are to bring you two simple man mechanical watches, though they are simple low-key but can reveal personal taste more.

Glashütte Original SENATOR big calendar watch 100-03-3-42-04 watch
Glashütte Original originated in Germany watchmaking town – Glashutte, and the Glashütte Original SENATOR big calendar watch collection combines the elegance and accuracy as a whole. The 100-03-3-42-04 wrist watch, circular watch case is made of stainless steel, with the natural radian. Silver dial matching with black Roman numerals, is clear and neat. Blue steel pointer adorns the whole dial, at 4 o’clock position there sets the date window. The crown of pure steel quality, provides 50 meters waterproof. This watch is tie-in a black alligator strap and a stainless steel folding buckle, the whole watch shows elegant temperament. Wrist watch is carrying the Glashütte 100-03 automatic winding movement, and the vibration frequency is 28800 times per hour, and it can provide 55 hours power reserve. The watch case size is 40mm in diameter, and it is on sale at the price of ¥87,000.

Rolex Submariner series 114060 black mechanical men watch
For the watch with simple design, and also low-profile appearance, the Rolex Submariner is also this kind of type watch, especially the Submariner watch without calendar design, such as the Submariner 114060 black mechanical men watch, which is featuring the size of 40 mm diameter, stainless steel watch case and watch strap, black watch dial, 300 meters of waterproof depth, silvery watch strap, folding watch buckle, mechanical watch movement, and grand three hands and noctilucence function, and the no calendar design makes the watch dial of this Submariner watch more simple and neat.

Two Men Watches Of Simplicity–Just Love It

Omega De Ville 431.
Omega De Ville is different from others, or in other ways, it shapes it own style. Which is keeping the low profile and maintaining a simple dial. It is made of silver dial, and has Roman numbers and time indexes on it. At 3 o’clock, there is a date aperture. The anti-scratching mirror offers overall protection on mirror. The blue hand is set on the while dial, appearing to be much more grace. Fine alligator skin belt matches the white golden buckle, presenting a graceful combination of power and softness. Many people buy Omega watches because of its movements. Definitely, this Omega De Ville would not let us down, and through the sapphire mirror, we could see the delicate structure. Omega 8500 automatic winding barrel has much more precision and stability. Fitting with the silicon hairspring and two barrels in series, the bidirectional winding system could eliminate the time of winding it.

Zenith Dual Time 03.21.2130.682/02.C498
Over half centuries, Zenith has been dedicated in making its watches perfect, as it bravely melts the precision of the watch together with the beauty, presenting a real art work. The silver dial is easy to read, and it has the central patterns on it. The blue GMT hands are tremendously different from the silver hour hand and the minute hand, which is easy to tell it. What’s more, it could replace the big second hand. GMT hand is set at 10 o’clock, which is easy to operate on it. This Xenith dual time is fitted with the Elite 682 movement. Elite 682 movement is a little bit late than the El Primero movement. Both come from the same brand. El Primero oscillates at a frequency of 36000vph while Elite is 28800 VPH. Through the sapphire case back, you can see how Elite works. If you are looking for the home-made Swiss watches movement, then Elite is definitely a good choice for you.

Or you can pay your attention to the Tag Heuer Golf, especially the Tag Heuer Golf Ref. WAE1116.FT6004 to get more choices for your watches buying.